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Sugar Free Mint Patty Candy
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Sugar Free Mint Patty Candy

This delicious chocolate covered mint candy is made without sugar and is also keto diet friendly.
Prep Time30 mins
Setting2 hrs
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
Search Result: candy, keto, low carb, sugar free
Servings: 30


  • Start by lining a baking pan with parchment or wax paper.
    parchment lined cookie sheet
  • In a mixing bowl combine together your sugar free condensed milk and extract. It should take a few seconds to do this. Then add half of the sugar free powdered sugar and blend. Slowly add the remaining sugar free powdered sugar until it has all been added. I use a paddle attachment on low to low medium speed. Continue to mix until the mixture is thick and can form a shape. If the mixture seems sticky you can mix in a bit more sugar free powdered sugar until it is no longer sticky. I would not add more than an additional ½ up total. 
    paddle attachment
  • Use a teaspoon or similar sized spoon or scoop to scoop out a small amount of mixture and form a small ball between your hands. The ball should be about ¾=1" in diameter. Place the ball on to your prepped pan to form a patty. When all of the patties have been formed allow the patties to dry out at room temperature. It should take between 1 ½- 2 hours, flipping over midway, for your patties to be dry enough to move on with the recipe.
    patties on prepped sheet
  • In addition ,when you are ready to coat your mint patties, simply melt the sugar free chocolate chips and coconut oil. I suggest using the stove method of doing this a the microwave method my cool too quickly for you to be able to evenly cover all of your patties. Use a simmering double boiler or or low heat melting in a saucepan.Just be sure to stir often to keep your melting chocolate even.
    melted chocolate
  • I suggest using a fork or similar sized utensil to raise each patty off of the baking sheet, dip into the chocolate, and replace on to the pan. A spoon in your other hand can help cover the patties evenly with chocolate.If your first dipped patties seem a bit too soft, you can freeze them for twenty minutes and try again.Allow the patties to cool until set
    Sugar Free Mint Patty Candy

Recipe Notes

Nutritional Values Will Vary Depending on the Ingredients You Use.
See post for details on this recipe.
This recipe can be made using a candy mold. You can find candy molds here.
As mentioned, this recipe calls for Condensed Milk. However, Condensed Milk has sugar in it. But, I do have a recipe for how to make Sugar Free Condensed Milk here.
Also needed is sugar free powdered sugar.
I can help you out with this as well. You will find my recipe for sugar free powdered sugar here.
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Calories: 12kcal
Please note: Nutritional data has been calculated using a tool that comes with this recipe card and not by me. This means that Nutritional Information is only an estimate and can vary especially with ingredients that you use. The accuracy of this tool may differ from other tools as expected. Also note that there is no instructional value to the video that may be attached to this recipe. It is only there for visual pleasure. For more information about the images in this recipe, please refer the the recipe instructions. Thank you!

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